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Cat Food

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Cat Training

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Hi and Welcome to Cat Care Blog!

It goes without saying that we here at Cat Care Blog are Cat Lovers!  We understand that happy, healthy cats require their human to have a good knowledge and understanding about how to care for their cat or kitten.  Today, the internet is swamped with information around caring for your fur babies so we’ve done the hard work for you!  We’ve researched and summarised the best cat care advice available from veterinarians and other cat care professionals.  Our articles aim to provide you with the very best cat care advice from raising a kitten to caring for your senior cat.

To get you started here are our top 10 cat care tips:

    1. Choose a cat-friendly veterinarian, who specializes in feline health and is preferably in your local area.  They’ll be close at hand in an emergency.  As a general rule cats don’t enjoy travelling in a vehicle, therefore, the closer the better.
    2. Schedule regular veterinarian visits for vaccinations, teeth cleaning and general health check ups.
    3. Spay or neuter your cat.  While you’ll be helping to control the population of unwanted cats, you will also significantly reduce the risk of reproductive diseases, including cancer in your cat for both genders.  In addition, neutering a male cat will reduce his urge to wander.
    4. Always use a cat carrier, specifically designed for pets, when transporting a cat in a vehicle.  Allowing a cat free reign in a travelling vehicle is a recipe for disaster!
    5. For both short and long haired cats, it is important to regularly groom your cat using a cat grooming brush. Grooming removes dead hair from the cat’s coat and minimises the hair a cat may ingest when self-grooming.
    6. take care of a kittenIt is important to provide regular, nourishing food suitable to your cat’s age, with a constant supply of fresh, clean water.  Familiarise yourself with the foods cats must avoid.
    7. To encourage good litter box habits, keep fresh, clean litter in all litter boxes.  Cats do not like to use dirty litter and may find somewhere else in the house to go!  Also ensure you have an adequate number of litter boxes, generally, one for each cat plus one.
    8. Train your cat to use a scratching pole.  Your furniture will love you for it!  It’s also vitally important for a cat to scratch on appropriate surfaces for muscle stretching and claw trimming.
    9. Provide your cat with plenty of human companionship.  Cats love to be loved.  Enrich their life with interactive cat toys but also ensure you spend time playing with them.  Cats can be taught tricks and of course you are both going to benefit from cat cuddles.
    10. Make sure your cat has its own clean and comfortable bed.  A cat spends a good part of it’s life sleeping.  Feeling safe and secure, while doing so, greatly enhances a cat’s wellbeing.  Of course,  this doesn’t mean to say that your cat won’t decide to sleep in the fruit bowl!  But that’s cats!


So dive into our articles for a more in-depth look at all things cats!



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