Cat Training

can you train a cat

Can you actually train a cat? 

Cat’s have a notorious reputation for being aloof and pleasing themselves.  So can you actually train a cat to do anything?  The answer is yes!

In fact, training your cat is an important part of being a responsible cat owner

To begin with there are the essentials, such as house training your kitten to use the cat litter box   when you first bring him or her home. 

Another essential is training your cat to use a scratching pole or scratching mat, rather than scratching your expensive furniture!

There are also many other training exercises and tricks you can teach your cat.   For example, many cat owners have great success training their cat to walk on a leash.  But be warned, success is largely due to the cat WANTING to go for a walk!   Patience will be required.

You can also train your cat to do tricks.  Cats are incredibly intelligent and inquisitive animals and can be very receptive to learning new tricks.  It challenges them and significantly adds to their quality of life. 

The other great benefit of training exercises is of course the quality time you get to spend interacting with your cat.  This great bonding opportunity will also enrich your cat’s life.

What and how you train your cat is largely up to you. Never worry about over training your cat.  A cat will tell you when they’ve had enough with a swish of their tale how to train a catand a rear view as they casually saunter away!

We hope that our cat training articles provide you with plenty of inspiration and fun times with your cat. 

If you have a great trick that you’d like to share with us please contact us and tell us al about it.  Better still why not send us a video of your very clever fur baby performing their trick 🙂



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