Cat Play

Cats love to play.  They are curious and will find great fun in all cat toys from cat playgrounds to the simplest homemade cat toys.  We’ll be reviewing the best cat toys.  Stay Tuned!


kitten toysCats need stimulation in their lives for their well being and happiness.  They enjoy running around, chasing anything that moves, jumping and playing with all sorts of toys and equipment.  

There is a huge range of cat toys and entertainment ideas on the market today with an equally huge range of prices.  It can be overwhelming!  We’re looking forward to trialling the best cat toys and producing independent and unbiased reviews of many popular cat toys on the market today.   

We also want to bring you great DIY cat toy ideas that you can make from pretty much the things lying around the house!  We’re coming up with ways to play with your cat to make their lives more fun and fulfilled.   We’re excited to share some of these with you as soon as we can!  


cat play

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