Cat Health

As a cat owner your cat’s health must be a high priority.  We share information and advice on cat health and common cat diseases. 


healthy catLike humans, cats are affected by a multitude of health problems. From common cat diseases such as ear mites and dandruff to the more severe cat diseases such as diabetes and cancers.   

The food, chemicals and exercise we expose our cats to affects their health in a similar manner to how it affects us.  So one of the things we want to address here is the preventative measures you can take to ensure optimal cat health.

HOWEVER!!!! If your cat suddenly falls ill, the first thing you should do is seek medical advice from a qualified veterinarian.   Having your local vet’s number saved in your phone is a must for all cat owners. 

One of the very common illnesses, an outdoor cat can suffer from, is bacterial infections caused by cat bites when fighting.   Cats are territorial animals and will fight off other cats intruding on their patch. 

With their long, sharp canine teeth, cat bites typically leave  a small but deep puncture wound.  This can seal over very quickly, trapping bacteria, from the other cat’s mouth, under the cat’s skin. 

With no immediate outward sign, the infection can go unnoticed for some time.  Also compounding the situation, cats are masters of disguise when it comes to pain and feeling unwell.  It’s one of their defence mechanisms out in the wild, ie, not to show weakness.   Therefore,  you must pay attention to any change in their behavior. 

A bacterial infection left untreated will generally result in a fever and possibly an abscess.  At this point, your cat is likely to show signs of pain and lethargy.   I always check for extra hot ears.  While not scientific, it’s always been a reliable indicator for me to get my cats to the vet, where they can be examined and their temperature confirmed.  A course of antibiotics should see your fur baby bounce back to perfect health! 

Cats are creatures of habit and over time you’ll instinctively know when your cat’s behavior is a little off.   They may be off their food, unusually lethargic or merely changing their behavioral habits.  Act immediately and call your vet.  

We hope that there is some useful information here which you will find helpful and if your cat is sick we wish it the most speediest of recoveries!!



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